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Sober Living in Vermont


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2013 found that 9.4 percent of the American population aged 12 and older suffered from a drug problem. Availability of drug treatment programs in Vermont and other states is crucial to the ongoing war against addiction. Sober living environments that are used in conjunction with an effective treatment method, such as outpatient care, are effective at treating substance use disorders. Sober living in Vermont provides an effective form of aftercare to those in need.


Sober Living Defined

These are typically houses that are funded by either a business or a private individual. The members of the house, typically between six and 10 members, are required to continue their recovery from substance addiction and must have a goal to obtain a lasting drug-free lifestyle through abstinence. The house aids recovering addicts in maintaining their abstinence by having members abide by rules that generally prohibit any drugs or alcohol on the property. Chores are set out that housemates are expected to complete in an effort to maintain the living space. Members must also continually show progress toward their recovery during their stay.

It can be a suitable place for a recovering addict to live while they are undergoing an outpatient rehabilitation program if their home is not suitable. It can also be an ideal place for a transition from inpatient treatment back to society as a drug-free individual. Many people who have completed an inpatient rehab program have opted to enter into sober living in Vermont to continue their post-treatment care. In these instances, the recovering addicts typically choose to live in a sober living environment because it is safe and supportive. They can attend local support groups and continue to follow a 12-step program to aid them in maintaining abstinence until they feel they are able to re-enter society as an independent and drug-free individual.


What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

One of the major benefits of sober living in Vermont is that members have a constant social interaction during difficult times in their recovery experience. Housemates are able to empathize which is beneficial to both themselves and the other recovering addicts. Through helping one another, they are also able to strengthen their self-esteem and gain knowledge about their addiction. By having a third-person perspective on the difficulties that the other person is experiencing, it can further their recovery process by helping them realize how an addiction affects a person.

Remaining abstinent is a crucial part of recovering from substance addiction. In conjunction with the use of relapse prevention techniques, sober living in Vermont provides addicts with a safe and stress-free residence to further decrease the chance that one can relapse during their treatment or aftercare. Housemates are able to offer advice and help each other divert potential relapse situations such as experiencing stronger than average urges to get “high.”

This type of environment also allows the members to have a certain degree of independence. They are able to continue with their daily duties while still receiving the benefits of a safe and supportive residence where they can live. This allows them to continually build the skills they require to be successful once their eventual return to society as a drug-free and recovered individual is complete. Many patients who have completed or who are completing treatment programs are taking advantage of the benefits that sober living in Vermont offers them.

If you or someone you know is having a problem with substance abuse or addiction, contact and addiction specialist today to seek help. The disease of addiction can be beaten through the help of certified centers that are ready to help anyone with an addiction.