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Partial Hospitalization in Vermont


A person who has become or a drug or alcohol addict may find it difficult to quit by themselves and find it hard to fit rehab programs into their schedule. Partial hospitalization in Vermont can provide intensive addiction treatment at the patient’s convenience. The patient can come into the rehab center daily and receive the best care possible for substance abuse treatment.


What is Partial Hospitalization?

There are three methods of treatment for substance use disorder that includes inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs (PHP). Inpatient requires that the individual reside within the rehab facility during their treatment while under constant supervision.  Inpatient programs are recommended for severe to mild addictions. Outpatient programs require that a person receive treatment three to five days a week while residing at the home and coming in only for their meetings. A partial hospitalization program is the middle ground between inpatient and outpatient; it is intensive like an inpatient program but still holds an element of independent living as outpatient programs do. Partial hospitalization in Vermont requires individuals to attend treatment and therapy between five and seven days a week. It can be effective at treating mild to severe addictions.


Candidates for Partial Hospitalization in Vermont

A good candidate for partial hospitalization in Vermont is one who requires intensive treatment to change their behavior related to substance abuse and needs to retain elements of their independent living lifestyle to attend to duties such as work, caretaking and school. The frequency at which the therapy sessions happen means that the person can have daily help with their addiction to be given the best chance at full recovery. It can be an ideal alternative to inpatient treatment for those who cannot afford it or require a degree of autonomy. Candidates would also stay in Vermont, close to the treatment center so that appointments are easy to attend.


Expectations of a Partial Hospitalization Program

A person can expect to attend meetings at least five days a week, usually seven days a week. They will be expected to participate in the various treatment programs such as cognitive-behavioral, group therapy and possible alternative care programs such as art or music therapy. Individuals can expect to be care for during their treatment and treatment plans to be made for them to follow. Aftercare programs will also be discussed before the patient leaves so that their long-term recovery can be assisted for as long as it needs to be.


Goals of Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization in Vermont aims to achieve long and short to abstinence in its patient from drug and alcohol abuse. The goals are achieved through the structured format and the qualified clinicians and therapists that work with substance abuse cases on a daily basis. PHP program goals are as follows:

  • One of the biggest goals of a rehab center using this type of program is helping patients to become and maintain their abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  • It is common for people with substance use disorder to have co-occurring disorders that make the treatment for their addiction more complex. These are addressed through a dual diagnosis approach that simultaneously treats both disorders in the patient. This helps to prevent release situations from occurring as the two mental disorders often have an impact on one another.
  • The program offers the patient a supportive environment to recover in as well as teaches them how to create a supportive environment in their home life.
  • The stressors of life that can lead a person to abuse substances are called trigger situations. Triggers situations and emotions are looked at and alternative coping skills are taught so that the patient can avoid relapse.

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