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Alternative Treatment in Vermont

When it comes to addiction, therapy and rehabilitation are newer types of alternative treatments that might not be as standard or traditional as those that many are used to. While traditional 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous in Vermont are proven to be effective, it might be limiting to only offer these specific types of support-group therapies. Alternative treatment in Vermont that is restorative, goal-oriented, or helps with one’s physical well-being have been gaining popularity and are becoming effective resources for initial and ongoing addiction treatment.


Options for Alternative Treatment in Vermont

The most successful treatment programs will offer various forms of treatments for addicts to try out, and there has been a shift towards alternative treatments as well. Alternative treatment in Vermont focuses on the healing aspect of recovery, and many might be activity-based to give addicts in recovery something positive to focus on.

Art therapy can be extremely effective for those who are also suffering from emotional trauma or underlying anxiety. Since addiction is rarely just a physical disease, once an individual is in rehab many feelings might surface that need to be dealt with. While traditional therapy is a great way for individuals to talk through their problems, art therapy is another expression of this. Those can gain from this as a restorative technique as well and find a calming aspect beneficial as well.

Music therapy is similar to art therapy, as an activity that an individual might enjoy to begin with and can utilize for their long-term treatment goals. Music can help with expression and communication, and it can build a patient’s confidence through creating music. 

Restorative yoga is a great way for addicts in recovery to embrace their bodies and heal themselves both physically and mentally. Addiction can be such a damaging event, and when an individual finally seeks out the healing they need, finding ways to help restore their body can help as well. Yoga is an activity that an individual can keep in their life for years to come as well, and will help avoid relapse. 

Equine therapy is something that can assist in emotional growth and help get back in touch with one’s inner self. Equine therapy isn’t the same as horseback riding for sport. Equine therapy started out as a type of therapy for illnesses that may make it hard for individuals to connect with others, such as autism and ADHD. This has been parlayed into addiction therapy as many individuals shut down their emotions while abusing a substance or hiding behaviors from loved ones. Equine therapy can bring emotions back to life for addicts.


Principles of Effective Treatment

The most important part of any treatment plan is that it works for the addict in recovery, and that patients are receptive to this care. Even if alternative treatment in Vermont might seem like it would be ineffective or there isn’t scientific proof to those aiding in rehabilitation, sometimes the act of focusing on an activity as part of healing can be enough to be restorative to an individual in treatment.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has reported that over half of all recovering addicts will relapse. This shows that individuals can get away from their treatment goals over time and might not be relying on methods taught in treatment in order to stay in recovery. Traditional types of treatments such as 12-step programs may work for lots of addicts in recovery, but for some, this type of treatment might not seem as appealing. Having various options for an addict in Vermont to try in recovery can help them find treatments that work well for them and give them an active role in their own recovery.

If you are suffering from a chemical dependence, contact an addiction specialist today. You have the power to overcome your addiction.