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SMART Recovery in Vermont


The first mainstream treatment for addiction in recent times was Alcoholics Anonymous. It used the 12-step method that took patients systematically through their recovery from addiction. Not much has change in the program even though many new advances have been made in the treatment for substance use disorders. SMART Recovery in Vermont incorporates all of the best treatment findings to date to offer individuals an all-inclusive program for addiction.


What is the SMART Recovery program?

The program was the creation of a non-profit organization in 1992 and renamed to SMART in 1994. It stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training and it uses scientific knowledge to decide on the structure and methods of treatment. The evidence-based approach has allowed the program to include all new proven methods of treatment as well as incorporate the use of medications as needed. It makes use of the cognitive-behavioral therapy system as well as elements from motivational enhancement therapies, which are scientifically proven methods of treating substance use disorders. Initially, a plan is created and then followed by the individual to track their recovery progress. It is a stand-alone method of treatment as it involves a variety of different methods. Through the 4-point program, SMART Recovery achieves its results.


4-Point Program

The 4-Point Program is what guides the patient through the recovery process. It focuses on four key factors that need to be addressed in order to achieve sobriety and prevent future relapse. The first point addresses the individual’s motivation. Firstly, patients are aided to build motivation for change that can drive them into their future. They are then taught how to maintain a healthy level of motivation. The next point in the program is focused on the urges the person has for substance abuse. Dealing with these urges in an effective way is important to be able to prevent relapse.

Thoughts, feeling and behaviors are then looked at. A therapist will help to manage the individual’s thought processors and behavior so that a new way of life can be realized. Then patient will then learn to manage his or her own behavior and thought. The last point of the program aids the individual in creating a balanced life that is sustainable and brings joy to the person. A balanced life is what every patient works towards.


Approach to SMART Recovery in Vermont

SMART recovery in Vermont understands the needs of patients who require treatment, and it provides patients with what they need to overcome their addiction. It achieves this with the following:

  • Meetings are held that can provide patients with addiction and drug education. These groups are supportive and encourage open discussions about each person’s experience and understanding.
  • Self-empowerment is an important factor to allow a person to be the best they can be. The program also teaches patients how to be self-reliant.
  • The patient is not just taught how to live a drug free lifestyle but rather how to lead happy and satisfying lives after they leave the program.
  • Self-directed methods for change are taught so that patients can alter their current and future behavior in order to avoid addiction.
  • The program encourages the use of scientifically proven psychiatric medication to treat the substance addiction as well as possible co-occurring mental health disorders.
  • It sees addiction as a complex disease that can be slightly different in each case and could be affected by another mental disorder.
  • The entire program can change to fit in new scientific knowledge about addiction treatment and relapse prevention.
  • While it has elements of the 12-step programs, it is seen as a more intensive form of treatment as it deals with multiple aspects of an addiction.

Reach out to an addiction professional today to learn more about SMART Recovery. You have the power to fight your addiction.