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Faith Based Treatment Programs in Vermont


Faith based treatment programs in Vermont are designed to incorporate the traditional elements of a standard treatment center and add a layer of religion. This can be an extremely beneficial treatment plan and can help those in recovery be able to accomplish both rehabilitation along with centering themselves through religion. 


Faith Based 12-Step Programs

12-step programs such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous are many times in conjunction with faith based treatment programs because the idea of submitting to a higher power meshes well with both aspects of this type of support system. Regardless of one’s chosen faith in Vermont, 12-step programs can be incorporated into various denominations such as a Christian-based religion. While this type of support system doesn’t work for everyone, those seeking out a personal relationship with a higher power will find that this type of treatment can be extremely beneficial and help with all parts of one’s healing and future goals.


Faith Based Recovery and Healing

Faith based recovery and healing usually starts with basic treatment model offerings, such as detox, inpatient care, and some sort of therapy or counseling. If a treatment center keeps a spiritual focus, this can be incorporated from the beginning of one’s treatment. There are many reasons why an individual might seek out faith based treatment programs in Vermont over more traditional models. If an individual was religious at one point or strives to make a stronger spiritual connection, having this layer of support can be beneficial. Others might find God or a higher power while they are in treatment, and pursue a new form a spirituality. No matter how an individual comes to enter into a religious-based treatment program in Vermont, if this helps with overall rehabilitation and avoiding relapse, this can be highly effective.

There are various elements to faith based treatment programs in Vermont that can make these unique. One part of this is an individual’s personal relationship with a higher power and the strength that this bond can give when it comes to rehabilitation. By trusting in a higher power to help with addiction treatment, many times individuals can focus on their treatment and take this one day at a time.

Another aspect of faith based healing is the community it can provide for an addict in recovery. Having the continuity of support from within a church or organized religion can help in individual in treatment stick to their sobriety and feel accountable within the community around them. This usually involves genuine care and support that can be different and more rewarding than what an individual might experience in traditional therapy.

There are various educational components that can be made available for people in faith based treatment programs in Vermont. While an individual is in rehabilitation, part of this process can involve education on spiritual principles. Those in treatment can begin to focus on religious study and prayer, and take part in this in a group setting. General education on relapse prevention and counseling is offered as well.


Faith Based Healing and Long-Term Care

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports on relapse statistics, and has found that roughly half of all individuals that are in recovery for addiction will relapse at some point. It is important for an individual to find a support system that will be available after initial treatment in Vermont. This is something that is usually seamlessly provided through a church or religious-based treatment. Once an individual is in an outpatient setting or long term aftercare, having a community around them for support and strengthen one’s commitment to sobriety and hopefully help an addict in recovery avoid relapse.